Winner 2014

The Netherlands 2014

95 min.

School life isn't easy for Jochem. He's the target of bully Sanne and her two friends. Class mentor Tino is too busy acting popular for his students and doesn't take action. Classmate Robin is annoyed by all this, but doesn't dare to say something. Then teacher Tino organises a class party, where the band formed by David, Youssef, Niels and Nienke is allowed to play. David hopes this will impress Vera, the cutest girl in his class. When that plan falls David turns his back on Jochem, who is severely pestered by his bullies. The next morning the principal informs the class Jochem didn't return home from the party.

  • Director: Dave Schram
  • Producer: Dave Schram, Maria Peters, Hans Pos
  • Screenwriter: Maria Peters, Dick van den Heuvel
  • Director of photography: Erwin Steen
  • Main Cast: Robin Boisevain (David), Dorus Witte (Vera), Stefan Collier (Jochem), Jessica Zeylmaker (mother Jochem), Edo Brunner (father Jochem)
  • Editor (Cut): Robin de Jong
  • Original Score: Herman Witkam
  • Production Design: Florian Legters