Nominee 2022

Germany 2021

Bollywood is the cat's meow for the twelve-year-old Ranji from Mumbai: the colourful films of the Indian film industry with their infectious songs and dance steps make him happy – as they do for millions of other compatriots. He wants nothing more than to stand in front of the camera with his avowed hero, the Indian superstar Amir Roshan. But his great desire seems beyond reach when his parents tell the boy about their dream of emigrating to faraway Germany. Just the hope of taking part in an audition for Amir Roshan's new film keeps him going - even if it's being held back in his home country of India. You have to fight for your dreams - they don't come true on their own. The girl next door, Toni, agrees with that sentiment and turns out to be an unexpected ally for Ranji. With courage and combined efforts, the two set out to make their dreams come true – and, in the process, discover the joy of true friendship too.

  • Director: Lars Montag
  • Producer: Clemens Schaeffer, Alexander Thies, Lars Montag
  • Screenwriter: Sathyan Ramesh, Ellen Schmidt, Lars Montag, Murmel Clausen
  • Director of photography: Sonja Rom
  • Main Cast: Shan Robitzky (Ranji Ram), Annlis Krischke (Toni Nachtmann)
  • Editor (Cut): David J. Achilles
  • Original Score: Ulf Leo Sommer, Peter Platz, Johannes Repka
  • Production Design: Andreas C. Schmid
  • Costume Design: Nadine Kremeier