Nominee 2012

Belgium 2012

86 min.

A morning somewhere in Africa. Bafiokadié and his sister Téné leave their village looking for their lost blue bird. But they find much more along the way. They encounter their deceased, singing grandparents, fight the spirit of the forest and learn from the Chief of Pleasure. Each of them tells the two children a story about life and death. At the end of their long journey, the brother and sister enter the Kingdom of the Future and meet some children who have yet to be born. Delighted with this discovery, they eventually return home.

  • Director: Gust Van Den Berghe
  • Screenwriter: Gust Van Den Berghe
  • Director of photography: Hans Bruch Jr
  • Main Cast: Bafiokadie Potey, Tene Potey
  • Editor (Cut): David Verdurme