Nominee 2017

Switzerland 2016

87 min.

The pivotal summer for 12-year-old Laura who lives in a beautiful remotearea in the Swiss mountains. As the only daughter in a taciturn family of farmers and mostly left to her own, she becomes obsessed with the legends told about a gorge in the area where no one dares to go. When a boy from town arrives to help on the farm, she finally has a friend to share her fears and fantasies with. After he has left she takes the courage to explore the mysterious place all by herself. The portrait of a girl underestimated by all, filmed in a close and unsentimental way.

  • Director: Alice Schmid
  • Producer: Alice Schmid
  • Screenwriter: Alice Schmid
  • Director of photography: Aurelio Buchwalder
  • Main Cast: Thom Straumann (boy from town)
  • Protagonist: Laura Larissa Röösli
  • Editor (Cut): Anja Bombelli
  • Sound Design: Rolf Büttikofer
  • Original Score: Thomas Jeker, Rea Dubach