from Lisbon on the Tejo to Wroclaw in Silesia, from Aalborg in Jütland to the Greek capital Athens - on Sunday, 7 May (Young Audience Film Day), young juries across Europe will be watching the three nominated films and vote for their favourite. Jury speakers will then announce the national results live via video conference during the awards ceremony in Erfurt (Germany)

streamed live on Sunday, 7 May, 20.00 CET here!

You can meet some the jury speakers now:

AUSTRIA: Caspar and Lilith on a trampoline.

BELGIUM: Ivana, a filmmaker herself.

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: animal-lover Amany and multi-lingual football fan Boris from Sarajevo.

BULGARIA: Kalina and Martin from Sofia.

CROATIA: pancake-eating actor/editor Gabriel and actor and scout Patrik.

CZECH REPUBLIC: actors Jorik and Stamen from Prague.

FINLAND: Sofia and Anniina from Helsinki explaining Finland.

ISRAEL: singer/dancer Mia from Tel Aviv and piano and football player Raz from Ramat-Gan.

ITALY: multi-lingual manga fan Adrián and basketball player Marta from Florence.

KOSOVO: Emir and Rajma from the "Abdyl Frashëri" school in Prizren.

LUXEMBOURG: the twins Frobisher and Hudson, both massive Harry Potter fans.

MALTA: dancer Danica from the island of Gozo.

THE NETHERLANDS: Felix & Felix, one a breakdancer, the other a karateka.

POLAND: judoka Michał and swimmer Weronika from Wrocław in Poland

TURKEY: film buffs Ayaz and Yasemin from Istanbul

Check out their clips above!