Frobisher (12)

My name is Frobisher, and I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved to Luxembourg at the age of 8 years. I attend the local school in Walferdange and live with my twin sister and two sisters in a village not far from the city of Luxembourg.  My big passions are sport, Harry Potter and Star Wars.  I have played rugby since I was five years old and I also enjoy athletics and badminton. When I lived in Edinburgh, my parents lived on "writer's block", Edinburgh´s literary quarter. JK Rowling who would walk past our house every day, so the interest in Harry Potter and books began for my twin sister and me at an early age! My parents say that I am “a walking encyclopaedia on all things Harry Potter and Star Wars and I love deconstructing the movies, reading the books, building the Lego.. actually anything else I can get my hands on! The last film I saw was BOSS BABY at Utopolis with my father!

 Hudson (12)

My name is Hudson, and I was born in Edinburgh ten minutes before my twin brother, which makes me the eldest and the tallest! I moved to Luxembourg at the age of 8 years. I go to the European School in Luxembourg but previously attended the local school in Walferdange for two years. I live with my twin brother and two younger sisters in the village of Helmsange. My parents say that I am "an accomplished pianist, and an avid reader (...nose in a book at all hours of the day and night)." I dream of walking the catwalk in Paris and New York and acting in film and television, but as this is likely to remain a dream, I quite like the idea of becoming a criminal lawyer or a journalist. I like running and also play for the Luxembourg Hockey Club as well as the Walferdange Badminton Club. Like my twin brother, I am a massive Harry Potter fan. I also adore the books and tv series PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The last film I watched was BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with my school English class at Utopolis Kirchberg in Luxembourg. Our parents do not allow television during the week, but on Friday and Saturday, the family have a tradition of holding a "movie night" where we make a trip to the cinema or choose a film to watch at home. 


Moien alleguer!

Population : 115,227
Kids: 19,703
Number of cinemas: 3

Luxembourg City, the capital of the only Grand Duchy in the world, will surprise you with its myriad delights. Rarely will you find a country in Europe where so many cultures, mentalities and languages act in accordance and perfect harmony. With its stunning blend of theatre and museums, UNESCO World Heritage sites and architectural jewels, the city of Luxembourg is one of the most unique experiments in harmonious diversity and one of Europe's most scenic capitals, thanks largely to its unusual setting, draped across the deep gorges of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. It's full of weird spaces, tunnels, and surprising nooks to explore.

Luxembourg City Film Festival

In just six years, Luxembourg City Film Festival has become Luxembourg’s leading cinema event. With nearly 22,000 visitors in 2016 and an increase of over 20% in cinema audiences compared with 2015, it is one of the European festivals that has achieved the most spectacular growth. Supported jointly by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Luxembourg, it is the country’s official Film Festival. It is committed to presenting high-quality and exclusive content. Several continental and world premières punctuate ten days of over a hundred screenings, events and workshops in the three partner cinema complexes Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg and Ciné Utopia, Utopolis Kirchberg – part of Kinepolis Group as well as the Festival’s Headquarters (Magic Mirrors tent) and many of the capital’s cultural institutions.

In addition to its main programme the Luxembourg City Film Festival tries to measure up to the children, their parents, their teachers and the professionals. In its aspiration for image education, the festival offers an exciting Young Audiences programme, trying to appeal to the imagination, intelligence and curiosity of the children.

An experience not to be missed!
Dates 2017: 2.03-12.03.2017