Switzerland: Bellinzona & Zurich



Meet Emma & Sophia

Emma (14)
Hi, I'm Emma, I am fourteen years old, and a thing that I can tell you about me is my character (because I don't know what to say).

At first, my friends define me as a happy person. I think I am, but I am shy too. I really like to dream, all the time, I like to dream about my future.

I also like to travel and explore the world, I'm curious and I love to discover new things and new people. This is me, and this is all.

I hope it's served, see you soon, goodbye, Emma.
watch my video above please


Benvenuti a Bellinzona!

Bellinzona is the capital city of southern Switzerland’s Italian-speaking Ticino canton, famous for its three l castles that have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2000.

inhabitants: 42,901
kids: 8,413
cinemas: 1 cienma, 2 screens

Bellinzona is situated in the middle of the valley floor of the River Ticino, which connects the Alps to the Lake Maggiore. The perfect location for sailing, hiking and skiing.

Bellinzona is also famous for the traditional market, on Saturday morning you can stop by one of the 120 stands that offer traditional food and have an "aperitivo",  and for it's colourful and noisy Carnival.

 CASTELLINARIA - Festival internazionale del cinema giovane

To make "castelli in aria", means daydreaming. Inspired by the 3 castles, UNESCO heritage, we called the festival by this significant name.

First held in Bellinzona in 1988, "Castellinaria" takes place in November and is dedicated to highlighting films for children and young adults. The films in competition are evaluated and awarded by two youth juries in two different sections, kids aged 6-15 and students aged 16-20. We also present a Short Film Competition, open to Film School students. Throughout the year, Castellinaria organises an educational program with screenings, exhibitions and workshops.

Cinema LUX ART HOUSE Massagno is the movie theater partner of Castellinaria. It is a charming historical cinema devoted to special events, indipendent and art house films since 1958.



Willkomme in Züri!

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and a global centre for banking and finance

inhabitatnts: 429,314
kids: 56,496
cinemas: 17

The city of Zurich lies at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland.
Explore the picturesque lanes of the central Altstadt (Old Town) on either side of the Limmat River, climb up the Grossmünster Church's Karlsturm, or discover the waterfront - a dip in Lake Zurich or the River Limmat belongs just as much to Zurich as a ride in a pedal boat.

On an excursion up the Uetliberg, in the region around Lake Zurich, or into Switzerland’s magnificent Alpine world, you can breathe in the fresh air, and encounter squirrels, woodpeckers, and owls in the woods. The wildlife parks are home to native animals, such as foxes, deer, and bears.

Try Zürich Geschnetzeltes with Rösti potatoes and don't forget to visit one of the famous chocolate shops!


The Swiss Youth Film Festival is the largest national festival for films by young people and takes place every spring. Over the years, the festival has developed into a very important platform for young Swiss filmmakers. In addition to the short film competition, the festival also offers a special supporting programme with focus programmes, studios, network days and other promotional events for young filmmakers. Every autumn, the Swiss Youth Film Festival organises thematic film workshops for children and young people.