Felix Cordia (14)

Hi, I am Felix Cordia, 14 years old. I’m in 3HAVO (third year of high school) at the Baarnsch Lyceum. My hobbies are breakdancing, listening to music and gaming.

I love action movies the most, but also like movies with a special plot twist or science-fiction elements.

Felix van Woensel Kooy (12)

I am Felix van Woensel Kooy, 12 years old.

My school is called Willemsparkschool and (next year) I’m going to a school that is called Hervormd Lyceum Zuid.

I love movies and I love gaming and karate.


Welkom in Amsterdam!

Population: 822,852
Kids: 165,538
Number of cinemas: 15

Famous for its canals (in Dutch: Grachtengordel), the harbour city of Amsterdam is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands. You can take a boat tour of the canals and harbour or explore the city by bike (there are 600,000 bicycles!). The iconic EYE building is located a short (free) ferry ride away from the Central Station. And if you want to discover a local specialty, try Lekkerbek (fried fish) or kroket (fried meat) and fries with frietsaus.

EYE Filmmuseum

EYE Filmmuseum, the Dutch centre for film culture and heritage, is dedicated to developing a vigorous film culture in the Netherlands. EYE’s museum building offers a range of exhibitions, interactive installations, cinemas and an excellent bar-restaurant with panoramic view of the city. EYE has a great range of educational activities and materials, both for schools and visitors.
The EFA Young Audience Film Day is hosted by MovieZone, one of EYE’s projects to introduce the broad world of film (making) to youngsters all over the country.