Skopje: Ana (12)

My name is Ana Kostovska. I am twelve years old and in sixth grade at the school "Vojdan Chernodrinski"in Skopje.

My hobbies are dancing and acting. There are hundreds of reasons why I love films and acting so much. I love the acting stage and everything connected to the magnificent film art. I enjoy watching movies, they make me feel good and happy and my dream is one day to become a famous movie star.

Movies are my passion!!! Movies=Happiness!
Skopje: Yakov
My name is Jakov Grashkoski and I’ll be twelve in a month.

I go to Hristijan Todorovski Karpos school and I am in the sixth grade, I am an excellent student. I like math, natural sciences and English.

I always like to make friends.  I practice tennis and triathlon; I have just won the third place in the state after only one month of training.  

I have a bigger brother who is in the ninth grade. We like to go to Cineplexx and to watch horror and adventurous movies, I also have a Youtube account and often record myself…


inhabitants: 506,926
Cinemas: 1 multiplex (9 screens), 2 cinemas and 1 art cinema

Skopje is the capital of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, a city located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, at the crossroad of vital communications, a city with a 2,000-year-old tradition. Skopje is an ethnically diverse city, located in the Valley of the River Vardar. You can take a walk along the beautiful quay of the river or stroll along the narrow streets of the Old Bazaar, which is the biggest bazaar preserved in the Balkans today, to climb up the Upper Town (the "Kale"), in order to feel the spirit of the 1,500-year-old fortress and enjoy the panorama of Skopje, or visit St. Pantelejmon church and admire the fresco “Lamentation of Christ”, bearing the first signs of the Renaissance.

Macedonian Film Agency

Macedonian Film Agency is the newly founded governing film body, legal successor of the Macedonian Film Fund which started its work in 2014 under the new Film Industry Law. Thenew Agency will continue to give its full support to the development of the film industry, film tradition and film culture in Macedonia.