Airidas (13)
I am Airidas Stoškus. I am thirteen and go to a multi-function centre.

I live like a normal European kid with one little sister.

I like fishing, play basketball, and video games. I like math also. I twice won the 1st place in the regional mathematics olympiad. I also participated in the international math competition "Kangaroo" and three times I was at the 1st place in Raseiniai district, my native town.

My favourite kinds of films are adventure and action films. I usually watch them at home.
Vilnius: Vakaré (14)

I am Vakaré Saulenaite from Alytus, the sixth largest city in Lithuania. The city lies on the banks of the Nemunas river. My school is Alytaus Šaltiniu pagrindine.

I have a little sister, she is nine years old. I like cinema, theatre and scene very much. I really enjoy the Lithuanian School Students' Union activities and I participate in them. I like volunteering as well.

I love films, especially artistic films. I usually watch films in the cinema, on Netflix with my aunt and at school at our Film Club.


inhabitants: 542,664
kids: 19,304
cinemas: 5

Sveiki atvyke i Vilniu! Vilnius is the capital and biggest city of Lithuania.

You can simply stroll through the Old Town and take a look at sights like Gediminas' Tower, the city's Gate of Dawn, the impressive Gothic church of St Anne or the Baroque Church of St Peter and St Paul.

One of the main sights id the reconstructed Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, just in the heart of Vilnius, within the confines of Lower Castle.

And then there is the “Republic” of Užupis, Vilnius’ Bohemian and artistic district, full of creativity.

And don't forget to try the specialty of cepelinai potatoe dumplings or, for the daring, šaltibaršciai cold beetroot soup.

The Lithuanian Film Centre

The Lithuanian Film Centre, established in May, 2012, is a state institution. The aim of the Centre is to participate in  designing an effective film and audiovisual sector policy. The Centre also supports and sponsors film education development initiatives.