Vekommen til Aalborg!

inhabitants: 130,000
kids: 19,000
cinemas: 2

In Aalborg, you can experience a lot of events for kids and adults all year around. Whether a good vacation for you means interesting attractions, hours of shopping, or good, cultural experiences, Aalborg has a lot to offer. Aalborg Zoo is Denmark's second-biggest zoo and Aalborg's most popular attraction. But you can also meet the Vikings in Aalborg! What did they eat and drink? What did they believe in? All this is presented through exciting new techniques as well as the original burial site at Lindholm Høje Museum.


The Centre for Educational Resources is, among other things, in charge of the regional School Cinema in Northern Jutland. Every school year ten films are screened in 20 cinema theatres in all corners of the region. Approximately 35,000 children take part, and back in the classrooms they work with the teaching material that is provided by the Danish Film Institute. In the city of Aalborg all school children are also offered a membership in Aalborg Filmklub in their leisure time.