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inhabitants: 200,000
kids: 40,000

Dobrodošli u Podgoricu! Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro. It’s at the crossroads of several historically important routes, in the valley of Lake Skadar, near the Adriatic Sea, in fertile lowlands with favourable climate. Altought it’s not a huge city, it hosts various cultural events, as music and film festivals, theater shows, artistic performances etc.

Avvantura Montenegro

NGO Avvantura Montenegro was established in June 2014 and its aims are to contribute to the development of film culture in all its forms and to affirm the needs for development of the film industry in Montenegro with the purpose of creating conditions for a constant development of Montenegrin culture.

Podgorica Film Festival

Podgorica Film Festival is the first feature-length film festival in Podgorica. The motivation to organise this kind of event is the shortage of cinema halls and public cinemas in general. In two programme segments the audience has the opportunity to see European and world cinema films which can’t be found on the schedules of regular cinemas.