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Meet the Jury Speakers!

from Lisbon on the Tejo to Wroclaw in Silesia, from Aalborg in Jütland to the Greek capital Athens - on Sunday, 8 May (Young Audience Film Day), young juries across Europe will be watching the three nominated films and vote for their favourite. Jury speakers will then announce the national results live via video conference during the awards ceremony in Erfurt (Germany)

 streamed live on Sunday, 8 May, 20.00 CET here!

You can already meet some of the jury speakers now:

Elias & Lilith in a park above Vienna

multi-lingual Lulu in Poland, riding her horse

Portuguese judoka Guilherme and bubbly Vitoria from her farm in Lisbon

film buff and jelly bean-lover Joanna in Wroclaw

Julian in Erfurt

poet Peter and Anikó show us the sights of Budapest

Anna & Rosa from Aalborg

dancer Elena in Luxembourg

Check out their clips above!